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Child Dental Health
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American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a professional body with journals, news, reference and parent information.
California Kids Oral Health Survey
Read a description of this 1997 study that assesses the oral health of children in California and finds an epidemic of dental problems.
Care of Infant's Teeth
Univ. of Iowa Clinic for Infants and Children provides info on infant care, including a baby's dental development, teething, and teeth cleaning.
Children's Dentist Directory
Provides a state-by-state guide to pediatric and family dentists who specialize in caring for children. Offers an emergency directory.
Children's Dentistry
Stories and poems to remind children to brush their teeth. Take the Stinky Tooth Quiz, and see an illustration of a tooth and its components.
Colgate Kid's World
Join the no cavities club and you will find games to play, puzzles to solve and mini poster you can print out and color in.
Find oral care for kids, Q&As for healthy teeth and gums, and brushing and flossing advice. With educational center for professionals.
Dental Development - Gale Ency. of Child. and Adol.
Describes the development of the permanent teeth and discusses major disorders of the dentition during childhood.
Dentist Directory
Provides email service for your dental problems, as well as general dental information and a dental practice search function.
Dentistry On-Line
For patient and professional, with Q&As on children's teeth and oral hygiene advice. Information for dentists on conferences, research and links.
Docs Online
Find professionals or hospitals in your area based on your specific health care needs. Profiles each provider.
Dr. William Trepp's Orthodontic Information
Offers a collection of articles by this orthodontic specialist relating to new orthodontic techniques, braces, and choosing an orthodontist. - Baby Teeth
Parents can reference charts noting typical periods for erupting and shedding primary and permanent teeth. Upper set changes are said to precede lower sets.
General Anesthesia - Mobile Anesthesia Medical Group
Board-certified MD anesthesiologists provide Southern California dental offices with hospital grade dental anesthesia, or HGDA, for all ages.
iEnhance - Children s Teeth At Home And At School
Read about the steps parents can take to keep their childrens teeth healthy.
Just for KiDDS Pediatric Dentistry
Overview of pediatric dentistry explains when a child should have his first dental visit, and defines natal and neonatal teeth.
Just For Parents
California Society of Pediatric Dentists discusses infant oral hygiene, how to find a pediatric dentist, and caring for a knocked out tooth.
Kids' Brushing Routines
Provides tips for parents to insure that their children are brushing their teeth properly, and summarizes a study on children's oral hygiene.
Oral Health for Kids
Crest presents a guide on children's oral health, including FAQs, baby bottle cavities, enamel and fluoride, and toothpaste that children like.
Oral Hygiene for Children
Supplies answers to FAQs regarding tooth care for children. Includes such topics as brushing babies' teeth and brushing techniques.
Oral care at home section features articles on choosing a toothbrush and cleaning teeth, FAQs, and latest Oral-B product news.
Orthodontic Homepage
Dr. Gabriele Floria offers advice on matters ranging from a "beautiful smile" to emergencies and dental terminology.
Orthodontic Information Page
Includes FAQs about orthodontic treatment and costs, a glossary, an orthodontists' yellow pages, and a guide to dental insurance. - Ask the Dentist
Weekly responses to issues on fluoride, baby teeth, toothpastes, flossing, dental visits, anesthetics and braces. Free downloadable software.
Pediatric Dental Health
Dentist provides a guide to this speciality, with topics like baby bottle tooth decay, cleft lip and palate, and erosion of teeth.
Preventing Baby Bottle Tooth Decay
Cautions against giving children sugary drinks in their baby bottles. Includes tips on caring for children's teeth.
Science News - Lead Gives a Kick In the Teeth
News story from From explains why poor children who are susceptible to lead toxicity are more likely to have tooth decay.
Snack Facts
Wisdom Tooth presents a parents' guide to snacks and tooth care. Supplies a list of acceptable snacks.
Suzan A. Anderson - School Dental Hygienist
Pittsburgh public schools' hygienist offers dental information including contacts for low cost dentistry and links to other dental sites.
Tooth Fairy - Oral Hygiene Tips
Directory of links with dental health information, including dental care for pets, Tooth Fairy Tales, and an ezine called The Radical Hygienist.
Tooth Fairy Tales
Audio cassette for kids featuring adventures and encouraging good nutrition and dental health. Includes contents, ordering details, and links.
Toothfairies' Tattler, The
Animated illustrations accompany descriptions of various procedures performed by dentists and sundry dental conditions. Includes care tips.
Twooth Timer Company, The
Teach kids good dental hygiene with two-minute brushing timers, fun toothbrushes, and premeasured toothpaste bubbles in varying flavors.

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