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Medical Libraries
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Arizona Health Sciences Library
Find out about the library's collection and affiliations and browse the library catalog. Includes Medline access.
Search publications for abstracts, as well as for jobs, resources and biology and medical research products. Free membership.
Boston University - Alumni Medical Library
Contact the reference librarian, find out about services offered and access databases, journals and resources.
Clendening History of Medicine Library and Museum
Rare book and manuscript library of the University of Kansas Medical Center also presents a museum of medical artifacts. Access exhibit details.
Cochrane Collaboration
Nonprofit international organization aims to provide reviews of studies into the benefits or effects of medical intervention.
Combined Health Information Database
Provides titles, abstracts and citations for health information and health-education resources.
Disease Therapies
Provides a searchable database of disease-treatment protocols and a catalog of health-related publications, with ordering information.
Explains its focus on serial management and information delivery for medical and academic facilities.
Georgetown University - Dahlgren Library
Covers the Dahlgren Library and academic computing resources. View news, catalogs, periodicals and consumer services.
Harvard University - Countway Library of Medicine
Click for a list of electronic journals and publications from Harvard University. Find out about library news.
Harvey Cushing John Hay Whitney Medical Library
Yale University's Medical Library serves the biomedical and health care information needs of its institution. Access journals or exhibit details.
Hawaii Medical Library
Contains a guide to services offered at this library and an archive of journal titles. Find links suitable for patients or professionals.
Health on the Net - MeSH Classification
Interactive tool helps users browse the National Library of Medicine's medical subject headings. Use these terms to search Medline or the Web.
Resource for patients offers news stories, related links, and drug information. With descriptions of tests and treatments for various symptoms.
Consortium of major university libraries reviews non-commercial Internet sites. Includes an easy to use subject index.
Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Ctr - Library
Describes various medical databases and provides library news. Includes health resources for consumers.
Human Medical Pathology Images
Cornell University gopher menu of a range of images of histological and gross specimens of normal and abnormal tissues.
Indiana University - Ruth Lilly Medical Library
Library at the School of Medicine details its policies and services. Also contains medical-student resources.
Infotrieve Online
Library services company providing access to bibliographic databases such as MEDLINE and other medical databases.
Int. Museum of Surgical Science
Based in Chicago and gives references for related resources about the personalities, failures and breakthroughs that have shaped modern surgery.
Johns Hopkins University - William Welch Medical Lib.
Welch Library posts contact information, general references and writing, funding and publishing advice. Details the catalog and database.
Karolinska Institute
Swedish medical institute provides this library resource full of health databases, research articles, science books, and educational classes.
Karolinska Institutet - Library
Search this large Swedish resource for diseases, disorders and related topics. Designed for consumers, health professionals and researchers.
KCMA - Learning Resources Center
Library and other information services at the Kettering College of Medical Arts. Visitors can search the catalog and learn the facility's hours.
Library of the National Medical Society
Access medical journals and books and peruse diagnoses of patient symptoms. Register to search the library or to request articles by email.
MD Consult
Members can access reference books, journals, practice guidelines, patient-education handbooks, drug information and industry news.
Medical Information Unlimited
Organization provides information services, including medical searches, retrieval of journal articles or advice on choosing a physician.
Medical Journals - Internet Directory
Choose a particular medical specialty and find links to journals on the subject, or locate periodicals with broader coverage.
Medical Search Services
Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using professional search services and provides a descriptive list of such services.
Medical-Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
Index to academic libraries is arranged by state. Also lists other countries, including Canada and Australia.
Medical information journal service allows subscribers to find detailed reports and diseases, illnesses, and treatment options.|100036112;g=z/http://click.links...
Medline Fool, The
Medical-search resource finds books, health news, condition information and journals. Includes the National Library of Medicine's database.
Physicians can find textbooks, software, journals and supplies from this medical retailer.
Mental Health - Karolinska Library
Huge collection of resources covering a range of mental conditions. Includes info on eating disorders, autism, suicide, and phobia and fears.
Medical Library Association's Network of Health Information Professionals is a support resource, which includes educational listings and news.
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine - Gustave L. Levy Library
Details the electronic resources at the Gustave L. and Janet W. Levy Library, including faculty publications, journals and genetics databases.
Muslims Online - Articles on Islamic Medicine & Science
Find articles on the history and practice of Islamic medicine, with links to associated resources.
Nat'l Library of Medicine - Visible Human Project
Gallery of images from the male data set includes an animated trip through cryosections. View fresh and frozen cadaver scans and MRI scans.
Nat'l Network of Lib. of Medicine - Pacific Northwest
NN-LM Pacific Northwest Region offers search functions and services for professionals, librarians and consumers.
Nat'l Network of Lib. of Medicine - Pacific Southwest
NN-LM Pacific Southwest Region serves Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and US territories in the Pacific Basin.
Nat'l Network of Libraries of Medicine - Midcontinental
NN-LM Midcontinental Region serves Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming. Offers online classes and workshops.
Nat'l Network of Libraries of Medicine - South Central
NN-LM South Central Region serves Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas with medical-library resources.
Nat'l Network of Libraries of Medicine - Southeastern
NN-LM Southeastern-Atlantic Region offers resources to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland and Mississippi. Contains a newsletter.
National Library of Medicine - PubMed
NLM's PubMed search service accesses millions of citations in MEDLINE and other databases.
National Library of Medicine - PubMed
Offers a health search service that provides access to over 11 million citations in medical databases. Search by author names or journal titles.
National Network of Libraries of Medicine
Index of the homepages of regional medical libraries. With map containing links and keyword search facility.
National Network of Libraries of Medicine - New England
NN-LM New England Region serves Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Has publications and directories.
New York Academy of Medicine
Academy library has an online catalog. Read about corporate services and connect with national, regional and historical medical information.
NLM - Health Services Technology Assessment Text
Access the Nat'l Lib. of Medicine database of full-text health care documents. Has practice guidelines, patient brochures and reports.
NMHC Library:
Hosted by North Memorial Health Care. Contains information to assist nursing staff and allied health professionals.
NN/LM - Health Science Ejournal Information
Peruse a health science e-journal directory provided by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. Includes discussion lists and databases.
Northeastern Ohio Univ., College of Medicine - Library
Oliver Ocasek Regional Medical Information Center is the main library facility at this medical school. Learn about its collections and services.
Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine - Library
Information facility holds library collections and the computer center. Learn about holdings, policies, hours and MEDLINE access.
PEPID Emergency Medicine Database
Portable Emergency Physician Info Database is a subscription reference service for medical and urgent-care professionals.
Official MEDLINE site, with free access to all abstracts from a database of over 9 million citations.
Rx-List Internet Drug Index
Search this index by keyword or imprint codes for over 4,000 drugs and their side effects. With updated statistics and links.
Science World - The Viral Superhighway
January 1998 article discusses the relationship between environmental disruptions, world travel and new diseases.
Southern Illinois University Medical Library
SIU's School of Medicine's library provides electronic medical journals and databases. Access a clinical pharmacology index and health articles.
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
University of Utah's Health Sciences Center sponsors this medical library for health care students and professionals. Access medical journals.
Stanford University - Lane Medical Library
Lists medical databases and discusses its interlibrary loans and document-delivery services. Includes a search function.
Univ. of Alabama, Birmingham - Lister Hill Library
Find out about the services, publications and catalog at the Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. With links and news.
Univ. of Calif., San Diego Biomedical & Medical Center Libraries
Search the online resources and catalogs of physical materials in the libraries associated with the UCSD School of Medicine, Medical Center, and Department of Biology.
Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Ctr - Denison Library
Details resources, services, catalogs and databases that are available at the Denison Memorial Library.
University of California, San Francisco - Galen II
Digital library for the University of California, San Francisco medical school provides electronic books and journals. Access UCSF resources.
University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System
Electronic medical journals, health information for the consumer, and a history of medicine are provided by this medical library resource system.
University of Washington - Health Sciences Libraries
Journal articles, books and documents can be found and delivered for a fee. Also offers in-depth research and information retrieval training.
US National Library of Medicine
Index of resources for services, databases, publications, research activities, for the world's largest biomedical library.
Vesalius Library, The
Library of the Belgian federal Department of Social Affairs, Health and the Environment specializes in medical, health, and environmental topics.
WWW Virtual Library, Biosciences - Medicine
Searchable index of biosciences includes a list of biomedical sites and a history of science, technology and medicine.
Yale Univ. - Harvey Cushing-John Hay Whitney Library
Take a tour of the medical library and examine its history. Includes advice about the catalog and resources.

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