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Michael Silverman, DDS, of Tiburon, California, provides a resource that covers dental services throughout the US. Read about his "sedation dentistry" techniques.
A Smile Is 4 Ever
Enter this one stop dental resource for Q&As, dental hygiene tips, explanation of procedures, news, cosmetic dentistry advice, and chat.
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a professional body with journals, news, reference and parent information.
Advanced Endodontics of Westchester
New York-based microendodontic practice offers patients and doctors educational information on nonsurgical and surgical endodontic care. Includes clinical-case reports.
American Dental Association
Easy-to-read educational material for consumers combined with dental news, and a products and services guide.
Anesthesia and Sedation in the Dental Office
National Institutes of Health report describes the effects of general anesthesia, discusses possible risks, and offers equipment information.
Basic Dental Health for Older Adults
Article details problems common in older adults, tips for maintaining dental health, and reasons why the elderly often do not seek dental care.
Delta Dental Plan of California
DDP of California and its dental HMO affiliate PMI Dental Plan provide this guide to benefits, eligibility, dentists, products and news.
Dental Consumer Advisor
Comprehensive index of dental resources includes dental health facts, terminology, images and diagrams, a list of topics, and letters to the DCA.
Dental Corner
Offers information on proper dental health care and dental health treatments. Search for a local dentist.
Dental Cyberweb
Anecdotes, advice, dental definitions, and informative articles combined with a personal consultation service.
Dental Directory
Offers patient resources, a directory of dental laboratories, products and services, and classified ads. Includes articles on dentistry.
Dental Globe
Provides a worldwide directory of dentists, a glossary of dental terms, and a guide to dental organizations. Talk to a dentist in the chat room.
Dental Implants Specialists for Cosmetic Dentistry
Referral service helps individuals and families find clinics specializing in cosmetic dentistry. Read about dental implants, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening.
Dental Information, The
Breaks down a number of mysteries and misconceptions that nondentists may harbor about the dental world, including fees and procedures.
Search this directory to locate prescreened dental professionals nationwide. Includes a glossary of dental terminology.
Dental Resources for Patients
Directory includes a link to the American Dental Assoc., plus a dental consumer advisor, dental health fact sheets, and how to choose a dentist.
Dental Site
General information for patients, dentists, hygienists and technicians. Links to many sites on the Internet.
Dental Terminology
Decipher those mysterious words used by the hygienist with this glossary of dental terms. Learn about cuspids, perio pockets, and gingiva.
Dental Zone
Read articles on dental health, and test your knowledge of dentistry with a quiz. Offers a chart comparing tooth whitening techniques.
Dentist Directory
Provides email service for your dental problems, as well as general dental information and a dental practice search function.
Dentist Hotline
In addition to offering a directory of dental professionals, this resource for consumers includes a glossary of terms and dental care tips.
Directory helps find a dentist, search for a job, or buy a practice. Ask Dr. Tooth a related FAQ, and visit the Kid's Zone for educational games.
Dictionary of Dental Terms
Glossary provides definitions of general dental terms, and includes a diagram of the mouth and names and location of all the teeth.
Electric Dental Care - mySimon
Comparison shopping service is guaranteed to bring a smile to consumers. Look for low prices on toothbrushes and oral irrigators.|60024206;g=z/http://www.mysim...
Impacted Tooth - Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Describes the condition in which a tooth is prevented from reaching its normal position in the mouth by tissue, bone or another tooth.
Inside Dentistry
Submit dental questions in the ask a dentist section, or utilize the dentist locator feature. Check out the selection of family related links.
InteliHealth Dental
Consumer dentistry guide features descriptions of common precedures, such as root canals, crowns, and fillings. Learn about pain control.
Malocclusion - Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Discusses causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of irregular bite, crossbite, or overbite.
My Web Dentist
Service allows for users to get second opinions regarding their dental health from a team of dentists in Switzerland.
National Oral Health Information Clearinghouse
Publishes informational literature for dental patients with physical or mental disabilities. Find a list of publications and ordering details.
Oral Health Definitions for Non-Dentists
Univ. of Iowa College of Dentistry provides labeled diagrams of the tooth and mouth, and a comprehensive glossary of dental terms.
P&G Dental ResourceNet
Contains patient oral hygiene information as well as advice for dentists on practice management, education, and products. From Proctor & Gamble. - Ask the Dentist
Weekly responses to issues on fluoride, baby teeth, toothpastes, flossing, dental visits, anesthetics and braces. Free downloadable software.
View streaming video and read articles relating to dental health and preventative dentistry, and purchase tooth and gum care equipment.
Tooth Decay - Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Learn more about tooth decay and what steps a person can take to minimize cavities.
Toothache - Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
Article discusses why a toothache occurs and describes some treatment options.

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